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29th May 2018

Cao Thang Hospital has signed a Direct Billing agreement with several insurance companies so that many services can be provided in a cashless way. If you are covered by an insurance company which is a member of our Direct Billing Network, this means that the hospital will claim to and receive funds directly from your insurance company, bringing you greater convenience and peace of mind.

However, while some insurers in our network cover both outpatient and inpatient services under their Direct Billing policies, many only cover inpatient services; also every policy includes exclusions, deductibles, and limitations of coverage which must be analyzed carefully.

  • Inpatient Services

If you are to be admitted to CTEH, we will contact your insurance provider before your admission to request a Guarantee of Payment (GOP), which we can usually obtain within four to 72 working hours after sending the required documents to the insurance company. However, and particularly in case of emergency admission, we may have to ask you to make a deposit which will then be reimbursed immediately once we have received the GOP.

To use this service, you must present your insurance card and will be asked to follow these steps:

Step 1: Show your insurance card and ID card (Passport or Birth certificate for children)
Step 2: Be diagnosis and treatment in our hospital.
Step 3: Our ICS (Insurance Customer Service) Department gets confirmation with your insurance service provider based on the diagnosis and treatment report from your eye doctor.


-Sometimes a deposit is needed as an interim guarantee if your medical test results are not ready at the time you check out, and your insurance status is uncertain.

-After receiving the letter of guarantee from the insurer, your deposit is immediately returned in full. If your diseases are determined in the limitation an exclusions quote or your insurance policy is in renewal time, CTEH will provide all medical records to you for claiming.  CTEH’s Insurance Office will be happy to guide you through the claim process in this instance.

  • Outpatient Services

Some insurers exclude outpatient services from Direct Billing agreements, some require that the patient co-pays; all have exclusions. Exclusions from most insurance policies are:

-Routine medical eye examinations and check-ups.
-Pre-existing and congenital eye conditions.
-Cosmetic eye procedures and plastic eye surgery.
-Investigation and treatment of refractive eye defects such as nearsightedness and astigmatism, including refractive eye surgery, spectacles, monocles and contact lenses.

Please note that this is just a general guide, and your policy may include additional exclusion. You should refer to your policy documents for a specific list of exclusions and inclusions for any clarification prior to consultation.

Below is the list of Direct-Billing Insurance Companies in our network:

  • Aetna
  • Pacific Cross
  • PG Insurance
  • PJICO Insurance
  • Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam
  • Insmart Insurance
  • FTCclaims Insurance
  • BIDV Insurance Corporation
  • Dong A Insurance
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