Planning your Eye Surgery

Thanks to the high quality of care and affordability, Vietnam is becoming one of Asia's top medical tourist destinations. Cao Thang Eye Hospital is dedicated to assisting our oversea patients plan their eye surgery to ensure the entire medical process is a well-organized and pleasant experience. The typical process for LASIK surgery breaks down into the four steps.

1. Initial eye examination
2. Eye surgery
3. One day post-op
4. One-week control
LASIK Surgery Procedure
Pre-LASIK Assessment

Each patient is different. From one person to another, the thickness of cornea can vary drastically. This explains why some people are better candidates to undergo LASIK surgery than others. A pre-LASIK assessment is therefore mandatory to determine whether a patient is a suitable candidate the procedure.

A Screening Exam Prior to Flying

We recommend that you undergo a LASIK screening exam in your home country prior to flying to Vietnam. Indeed, there is always a possibility that a patient may not be a LASIK candidate once pre-LASIK assessment is completed at Cao Thang Eye Hospital. Thus, this recommendation is meant to avoid the disappointment of flying to Vietnam unnecessarily.

While, a screening exam performed in your country will be a good reference for us, we will still need to perform our pre-LASIK assessment in order to make sure that all measurements meet our standards defined in compliance with the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Please note that this is for extra-safety purpose only. If you were previously determined to be a good candidate, we will most likely make a similar decision. Patients planning to visit Vietnam anyway are welcome to perform their pre-LASIK assessment at Cao Thang Eye Hospital.

Eye Surgery

The procedure can be performed on the following day or some days later depending on doctor’s timetable or your request. It takes about 10 minutes for one eye

Check-up Examination

An eye examination (free of charge) is required the day following surgery. The patient then gets to relax and explore Vietnam for a few days. A one week post-operative consultation (free of charge) is required before the patient can fly back home. Subsequent post-operation consultations (1 month, 3 months, 6 months) can either be performed in the home country or in Vietnam.