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A Bit of History

Amongst South-East Asian medical tourism destinations, Vietnam soon appeared as one of the most popular and trusted countries.

How did medical tourism start in Vietnam?

The number of Vietnamese immigrants in western countries was what initially triggered the growth of medical tourism in Vietnam.

Each year many Vietnamese who settled in the United States, Australia and Europe came back to Vietnam to get various types of healthcare at reasonable cost. With time, word-of-mouth and media exposure, this trend spread to Western patients who had not been familiar with Vietnam’s unique healthcare opportunities.

Healthcare made affordable

For overseas Vietnamese, Cao Thang Eye Hospital became a way to receive affordable eye care, while they reconnected with the country and their families.

To Westerners, flying to Vietnam to get eye care treatment was not only for financial reasons, but it also gave them a chance to discover a robust Asian culture.

What else makes Cao Thang Eye Hospital a unique ophthalmologic care destination?

The number of eye diseases in rural areas of Vietnam is higher than in other parts of the world. This gives Vietnamese ophthalmologists more experience with difficult cases.

While it is unfortunate that this is prevalent, facing such rare complications on a regular basis allows doctors to become better and more skilled in treating even the most difficult cases.

As a result, Vietnamese doctors are able to expand on their expertise and are well-equipped to treat patients from different walks of life.

Attracting more patients, Improving more lives.

Cao Thang Eye Hospital recognizes the significance of this environment and decided to take the lead in cross-border eye care.

We have been working hard to continuously train our doctors and worked with international regulatory bodies, like the Joint Commission Internation, to maintain the highest safety regulations.

The quality of our surgical treatments remains at a global standard while keeping prices within reach.

Now, everyone can make the right choice for their eyes.

The Price Gap
The New Age of Healthcare

With the rise of prices for medical and dental services in Western countries, more patients come to South-East Asia every year to carry on their treatments at a fraction of the cost billed in their home country.

Three Factors Made It Possible

• The reduction of travel cost over the recent years.
• The spread use of high-technology machines, especially in the field of ophthalmic care.
• The high experience of South-East Asian doctors in diagnosing conditions and performing surgery.

Price Differential

In 2014, as compared to Cao Thang Eye Hospital’s, LASIK Surgery prices for both eyes in Western countries, were multiplied by a factor of:

3.2 in Canada
3.3 in the United States
3.7 in Australia
4.2 in the UK