Refractive Surgery / LASIK
Our Service
Cao Thang Eye Hospital’s Refractive Surgery / Lasik Service is headed by Dr. Trang Huynh.

Patients seeking a restored vision, if eligible, can undergo an Excimer Laser procedure that reshapes the curvature of the cornea.
Eye conditions treated
- Astigmatism
- Myopia
- Presbyopia
- Hyperopia
Refractive Surgery interventions performed at Cao Thang Eye Hospital
- LASIK: Standard, Customized, Bladeless, All Laser
- Mono-Vision
- Presby-LASIK: multifocal procedure
- Presby-LASEK: multifocal procedure
- Refractive Correction Post Cataract Surgery
- ICL : high myopia for young people
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