What is Allergic Conjunctivitis?


Red Eyes, Itching, and Eye Pain.

You will need to see an eye doctor.

Whatever the cause of the conjunctivitis may be, the following may help:

Contact lenses - do not wear them until symptoms have cleared up completely. If you have used any medication on the eye(s), wait 24 hours after treatment has ended before wearing contact lenses.

Rubbing the eyes - the less you rub your eyes the better. Rubbing the eyes may cause the inflammation to get worse. This is easier said than done - itchy eyes makes you want to rub them.

Bathing the eyes - use a flannel soaked in cold water. Some people say that immersing their face in clean warm water and opening the eyes help - others most definitely do not.

Avoid the allergen - if pollen levels are high stay indoors and close all windows. If you go out wear a wrap around your glasses or sunglasses. If your pillows have feathers, consider changing them for materials you know you are not allergic to. Steps to lower the number of dust mites in the home can sometimes control dust mite allergy.