What Is Dystonia?

Eye Dystonia (Also known as Blepharospasm) are uncontrollable and in most cases painful muscle contractions around the eye.

Our Service
Cao Thang Eye Hospital’s Dystonia Service consists of a team of experienced Dystonia Treatment specialists.
Conditions Treated:
- Blepharospasm (Eye Dystonia)
- Facial hemispasm
- Facial Palsy balance
Blepharospasm Symptoms:
- Dryness of the eyes
- Sensitivity to bright lights (including sunlight)
- Excessive blinking / Spasming of the eye(s)
- Uncontrollable eyelid closure
- Uncontrollable contractions of the eye’s muscles (with - possibility of equivalent symptoms in the nose, face, and neck)
Blepharospasm Treatment
Patients who do not respond well to medication or botulinum toxin injection are candidates for surgery.