Dr. Jan Dirk Ferwerda

Chief Medical Officer Phaco & Retinal Surgeon
Dr. Jan Dirk Ferwerda joined Cao Thang Eye Hospital as Chief Medical Director and Retinal Surgeon in May 2016. He brings years of medical experience in Vietnam and around the world.

Prior to joining CTEH Dr. Ferwerda was a surgeon at Ho Chi Minh City’s American Eye Center and specialized in vitreo-retinal services.

Dr. Ferwerda has over 20 years of experience managing an eye clinic in Curacao, during which time he set up three surgical retina units.

He also doubled as the co-owner and manager of an eco-company from 2010-2014, an indication of his managerial prowess.

Dr. Ferwerda received extensive amounts of practical training during his medical training, being awarded his bachelor and master’s degrees from universities in The Netherlands in 1984 and 1988 and his ophthalmologic certification in 1993.
He also completed an in-depth fellowship in vitreo-retinal surgery in 2000.

Dr. Ferwerda is now one of Vietnam’s foremost experts on retinal, cataract, and glaucoma surgery.

He is fluent in English, Dutch, Papiamento, and Spanish, and he is also proficient in German and French.
Speakers at International & local Conference
• Curacao Ophthalmology Conference
• Carabbean Ophthalmology Conference
• Hawaii Eye Association
• Hue Eye Associsation