Dr. Coulon Pierre Gilles Marie

Senior Consultant / Cataract, Refractive, Oculoplastic Surgeon
Dr. Pierre Coulon obtained his medical degree from the renowned University of Bordeaux II, France in 1990.

With an endless efforts of further research, study and practice in ophthalmology, Dr. Coulon obtained Philosophy of Doctor (PhD) in Ophthalmology in 1991 at University of Bordeaux II. He is a former head of clinical department at the University of Bordeaux.

By June year 1993, Dr. Coulon earned a diploma in Contact logy and Biomaterials granted by University of Western Brittany Brest, at same year, He completed a degree of palpebro-orbital, lacrimal surgery issued by University of Limoges.

Dr. Coulon has constantly increased in his ophthalmic practice in eyelid surgery for over 15 years. Both in cosmetic and therapeutic methods, in addition, Dr. Coulon has been licensed to provide the use of botulinum toxin as a therapeutic agent for treatment of Strabismus and Facial Spasm.

He can serve as a cosmetic surgeon, anti-aging specialist and a member of scientific committee of Paris-based Lexel, France.

Dr. Coulon officially served as an Ophthalmic Surgeon Consultant at Cao Thang Eye Hospital, Vietnam since 2010 with a work permit certificate granted by Vietnam’s Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

In March, 2014, Dr. Dr. Coulon has been granted the professional ophthalmic practice certificate by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health. This certificate only enables him working at Cao Thang Eye Hospital, HCM City, Vietnam.

With great expertise of ophthalmic practice and consultation, He is currently working as a senior surgeon consultant as well as a honorable member of scientific committee in the innovation and development of Cao Thang Eye Hospital.